Ernst Loosen

Winemaker & owner of DR. LOOSEN

Ernst was born into a great tradition of German winemaking. The Dr Loosen estate on the Moselle has been in his family for over 200 years. Ernst was recently named "Ambassador of German Wine" by Falstaff magazine and is known to many as "Herr Riesling". Ernst brings over 30 years of experience and a palate for perfecting wines, even the fortified kind.

Philippe C. Grandbois

Bar Expert & Partner at Grandbois Consulting

Philippe is a bar owner and a hotel consultant of 15 years. What started as a university job to pay for school quickly turned into a career in hospitality and luxury hotels. Certified as a spirits specialist and a sommelier, Philippe is the recipe maker and ambassador for Vermouth . He brings a wealth of experience in vermouth and product development to the Moselle Valley, where he now lives.

Tanja Grandbois

Chef & Hospitality Manager

Tanja is the professionally trained chef who serves as one of the Hospitality Managers and French Country Export Manager at WEINGUT DR LOOSEN. Tanja, a native of Germany, brings the horticultural experience to Botany, a trained palate and culinary experience that has brought Vermouth together.